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Different & Convenient

Multiple-protection reduces risks
Multiple-skim meets high demands
1. Self-developed software and encryption schemes helps you avoid external risks;
2. Adding time competition and area competition will be more convenient to arrange competitions;

Hot Game

Platform features

The design of game lobbies are distinctive and creative.
The interaction between players makes games become more easier to be understood.

Customized development

  • 1
    The sales engineer talks with customers about their requirements and takes notes
  • 2
    The sales engineer communicates with development department about the feasibility and the preliminary assessment of workload.
  • 3
    The sales engineer makes second-confirmation with customer.
  • 4
    Forward the final confirmation to planning department to make copywriter plans.
  • 5
    After customer confirms copywriter plans, the sales engineer arrange to develop.
  • 6
    During development, customer has to confirm every important steps, like modify, delay or consult.
  • 7
    After the development department tests and passes it, forward it to customer for testing and the initial checking.
  • 8
    After customer tests it from outer net and makes a final inspection, the deal is completed.

Customized development

  • 1. The requirement of server system environment

    operating system XP/ vista / Win 7
    Database SQL SERVER 2008R2
    web server IIS6.0 or above
    System ports Fully open
    Crystal Security
  • 2. Hardware configuration requirements

    CPU Intel XEON E5320 (Quad-Core Processed)
    DDR 4G DDR REG ECC ( the biggest one 32G)
    HDD 500G SATA hard-speed HDD
    Network Card 100/1000M
    Power HP140, 650W
    Case 1U
    IP address 1 above
    Wide band 10M ( If renting overseas servers,
    the Home Ping should be 100 above)
  • 3. Software Environment of Client Operating

    Operating System XP/Vista/ Win7
    Resolution 1280*960 -1920*1080

    4. HD environment of Client Operating

    Network environment 512K/bps above
    CPU 1GHz above
    DDR 512M above
    Hard Disk 200MB above