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The NO.1 community game platform that combines with community, board and chess, video game elements together in China!
Meanwhile, we also specializes in mobile game community development which is committed to achieving the three-in-one of the Android, PC, and IOS!

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Customized development

  • 1
    The sales engineer talks with customers about their requirements and takes notes
  • 2
    The sales engineer communicates with development department about the feasibility and the preliminary assessment of workload.
  • 3
    The sales engineer makes second-confirmation with customer.
  • 4
    Forward the final confirmation to planning department to make copywriter plans.
  • 5
    After customer confirms copywriter plans, the sales engineer arrange to develop.
  • 6
    During development, customer has to confirm every important steps, like modify, delay or consult.
  • 7
    After the development department tests and passes it, forward it to customer for testing and the initial checking.
  • 8
    After customer tests it from outer net and makes a final inspection, the deal is completed.

Customized development

  • 1. The requirement of server system environment

    operating system XP/ vista / Win 7
    Database SQL SERVER 2008R2
    web server IIS6.0 or above
    System ports Fully open
    Crystal Security
  • 2. Hardware configuration requirements

    CPU Intel XEON E5320 (Quad-Core Processed)
    DDR 4G DDR REG ECC ( the biggest one 32G)
    HDD 500G SATA hard-speed HDD
    Network Card 100/1000M
    Power HP140, 650W
    Case 1U
    IP address 1 above
    Wide band 10M ( If renting overseas servers,
    the Home Ping should be 100 above)
  • 3. Software Environment of Client Operating

    Operating System XP/Vista/ Win7
    Resolution 1280*960 -1920*1080

    4. HD environment of Client Operating

    Network environment 512K/bps above
    CPU 1GHz above
    DDR 512M above
    Hard Disk 200MB above