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Bullfight, also called the Supreme bullfighting, is a board game that can be played by hundred players online.

Conquering the Demons

It is fish hunter online game with 9900 bombs, the playing method is the same as traditional fishing game machine.

Serial Indiana

Serial Indiana, one of a popular arcade game in China, playing by using game point every time, the minimum is 10 points, and the maximum is 1000 points.


The "CORSAIR" with unique and original design is launched into our game platform, it is based on its real-world counterpart and one of the most popular fish hunter games in China. Welcome to experience it!

Fruit machine

Fruit machine is an arcade game. The game interface is made up of 24 squares, each of which has a different fruit pattern. The player uses the game currency to select the target that he wants to bet on, and after the start of the game, the small lamp begins to turn around each square in the square. When the lights stop, if you stop on the player bet on the target can win the corresponding game currency.

Money Tree

Money Tree is a fish hunter game and is offered as web-based game and mobile game that operates on Android and IOS.

Fowls and Beasts

Fowls and Beasts, it is a Arcade game that combines with entertainmen and excitement together. Players can bet as bellow: fowls, beasts, and Jaws. If shooting one of them, then the score is: shooting points mutiply by relevant times.Entering into next round.

Grab a red envelope

Grab red is a new version of fishing game series, his play is the same as the traditional fishing game, but added redeem function, so you can through thousands of guns fishing to grab a red envelope in exchange for more prizes.

Fight with Landlord

A popular online card games nowadays, and no place limitation, all the rules are the same.

Water Margin

Water Margin: 3D forest party, a arcade game. with rich information, fancy animation and vivid picture. Apart from those common game loops, there are also handsel loop, thunderbolt loop and so on.