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《Who’s Zhangfei》 was launched officially

Date:2015-11-24 09:12:09

Dear all players,
《Who’s Zhangfei》 was launched officially, welcome to login in our Web-Game Zone and experience it! it made a great innovation in the picture, game play and Game Mathematics. Its Chinese style screen, perfect game mathematics, and its creative playing methods are comparable with the hitting sense of arcade game.

Rules of the game:

↑ ↓: means adjusting shooting quantity
S means Lock( double-click switch)
Q means cancel Lock
Space key and left mouse button means shooting
Free bullets: present 20 bullets to players, shooting fish will not consume player’s points.
AP Ammo: after shooting fish, bullets will not be disappeared but shooting other fishes until bombing after 5 seconds.
Super Bomb: player can shoot a super bomb in designated area, showing the effect of Portion Bombing.
Zhuge Bomb: shooting fishes can get double points within set time.
Mission Reward: Hunting fishes that Zhangfei Needs within set time can receive rewards
Similar bomb: random red fish, bombing it also can kill the same kind of fishes shown on the screen.
Portion Bombing: Self-rate 15 times
Fully screen bombing: Self-rate 15 times
Bonus rate: 31-32 levels: 1% points bonus
33-34 levels: 2% points bonus
35 levels: 3% points bonus
Boss Zhangfei: as the biggest boss,rate is 320 times.

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