Guangzhou SX-anime Technology Co.,Ltd


Date:2015-05-31 13:52:48

Developing more playful games for players is our main mission. Under our continuous innovation and progress we make, there are lots of intersting games will be renewed soon. Below are the introduction of those games:

"WuKong Naohai": is a fish hunting game that combines with Chinese style, which uses the fish bionic technology to redo the fish's swimming routine.The unique design makes it looks more vivid and veritable! Would you want to be the super fish hunter that everyone admires?

Texas Hold's em Poker is the most popular poker game of strong skill, strategy and calculation, all of the marquee tournaments around the world are played in a variation of this game. This game is easy to play but difficult to master it well. Welcome to experience it after we launch!

Fight with landlord: It is an exciting team-based card game for 3 players. Regarding the rules of this game,we believe everyone knows well it. Therefore,welcome to take part in competitions to earn more bonus and enjoy the sense of achivement!

Bullfighting also called the supreme bullfighting, is a chess and board game that can be played by hundred players online at the same time.

Fowls and beasts is a Roulette game that filled with entertainment and excitement, player can choose the animals shown on game interface, including fowls, beasts and jaws.

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