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League of Legends is going to be launched!

Date:2015-09-07 14:52:12

Dear players,
The League of Legends game is going to be launched for testing soon, there are lots of free charm value and presents waiting for you, like: Iphone 6 plus, SLR Camera, Tablet PC, etc.

Charm value bonus as below:
items Charm Value Beans
matching pattern succeeds/round:20 5000
Matching pattern fails/round:10 1000
Reward legendary: 2
Reward penta kill: 2
Killing spreepree: 1
Destroy highest turrets 1

Note: click LOLSH in the game hall, then click “ Start”. The game begins. Only calculating from (Summoner's Rift) map can players receive their charm value, and can not exit when it is in process, otherwise they can not receive charm value. In addition, every player can receive maximum 50,000 beans every day, and the charm value is maximum 500.

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