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《Airplane Fighter》 was launched officially

Date:2016-04-26 15:06:09

Dear all players,
《Airplane Fighter》is a shooting game that plays by two players, which adopts the type of dual operation so that player can win points by controlling their own plane to against enemy plane.

Rules of the game:

Models switching:
Long-click “W” Key, plane is switched to airplane mode, then players can control it without limit.
Long-click “S” Key, plane is switched to battery mode and fixed on the fort, then shooting.

Key Tips:
S=Lock plane Q=cancel Lock F4=Sound setting F5=Hints and tips F12=fire guns AUTO
The Space key or Left mouse button= fire guns

Under the Airplane mode, “W” “S” “A” “D” means Up, Down, Left and Right respectively.

Weather system:
Stormy weather: within a set time, there are a few rate that enemy plane might be corroded by acid rain. Therefore, armor reduces, and the scoring rate increases.

Thunderstorm weather: gaining 20 bullets for free. Meanwhile, there is a few rate that the enemy plane will be hit by thunderstorm, which will cause the plane slow down and bomb.
Meteorite weather: hitting meteorite, planes can gain double-points.
Playing methods:
Shotgun: it can be used within final countdown. Firing 3~7 bullets and using equal points up, shooting to enemy plane at random. The power is stronger slightly than regular bullet’s, but no target.

N-bomb: hitting the planes with N-bomb tip will receive N-bomb. In addition, using it in final countdown can make the enemy plane bomb full screen.

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