Guangzhou SX-anime Technology Co.,Ltd

2016 Annual meeting(2)


Now that this is our important annual party after working for the whole year, there is no doubt that the charming dancing plays an essential part of it! Next let us enjoy the Dancing Diva!
Apart from dancing, there also has singing part! A song of Beyong ( I Like You) let the atmosphere become more active and excitement!
After dancing and singing, it is time to start our Lucky Draw activities! And wish luck always accompany all of you!
Below is the second prize:

Third Prize:

After the second and third prize, it is time to announce our first prize now! Congratulations to our the lucky one, and thanks to SX-animeTechnology!

The annual party is ended in this cordial and harmonious atmosphere! SX-anime wish you Happy New Year! And everything goes on well with your work!

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