Guangzhou SX-anime Technology Co.,Ltd

2016 Annual Meeting(1)


The memorable 2015 is going to be the past, and the 2016 is coming soon. In order to reward the contributions made by our whole employees during the whole year, advocat spirit of entrepreneurs, and show the professional skills of our staffs, what’s more, in order to inspire them to strive forward, our company decides to hold the 2015 annual meeting on 30/01/2016!

This annual meeting is starting by a relaxing and comfortable style,which shares the conclusion of 2015 and the new wishes for the 2016!Let us enjoy growing up, studying and succeeding together in our big family!

During the annual meeting, we also invited our cooperation partners celebrate together, welcome to our big family!

Do you want to know the function of those delicate presents and receive them? Well, welcome to take part in our Brainstorm activity, the quick you response and act, the more presents you will receive!
We are so happy to see those lucky received delicate gifts.

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