Guangzhou SX-anime Technology Co.,Ltd

The annual meeting of 2017(二)


As the applause raising, the third prize is coming....
Publishing the SECOND prize: CASH 800RMB
With many years of perseverance and the efforts we put, in order to thank you for the contributions they made for the career we strive together, now awarding prize for them:
Ten years like one day, you heart is enterprise of suffering, and enterprise with wind and rain, casting, with unremitting efforts for the enterprise to create a room with wealth, heartfelt thanks to you, just because of you, you pay the company to have such a gorgeous today. Issue the award for best employee of the company, the company all staff for winning good staff offer the most sincere blessings and warm applause.
The highlight of the annual meeting is coming, see, the luckiest one that got the first prize is published, Congratulations to our handsome boy!!! And also congratulation to our Guangzhou SX-anime Company!!!
At 20PM, the annual meeting of 2017 is ended perfectly!
Look back to 2016, our Guangzhou SX-anime company moved forward step by step, growing and expanding gradually, we have entered into a higher step; Look forward to the 2017, Guangzhou SX-anime will be more pragmatic and innovative with enterprising spirit. We strongly believe the more we put, the more we will get!