Guangzhou SX-anime Technology Co.,Ltd

The annual meeting of 2017(一)


As time as by, the 2016 is going to be the past, however, the upcoming 2017 is walking through us. In this new coming year, we are full with new hope, and compose new movements. On Jan, 14th, 2017, the Spring Festival Gala is celebrated in Xinghuilou restaurant, all of our colleagues and honored guests are gathering together for the coming festival.
At 18PM, all of honored guests arrive to our party, under prismatic colorful lighting, a distinguished gathering is beginning by a inspired song 《Paper Crane》.
nd then, the chairman of company welcomes and makes a speech about the annual report of 2016 and blueprint of developing direction of 2017. Under the leader’s speech, it not only enhances our confidence, but also inspire all of us. Meanwhile, the chairman also points out the company’s development direction in 2017.
During the party, the atmosphere is filled with passion, enthusiasm and inspiration. Everyone in the party is , which makes everyone burst into laughter.

During the party, everyone enjoys their dinner and door prizes. Now look at our sun-shine award, active our lively atmosphere.