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In 2017 the Spring Festival holiday notice


Su Xian all staff:
In 2017 the Spring Festival is coming, according to the state council general office JiaRiBan lunar New Year holiday notice spirit, combined with the company's actual situation, now will I company lunar New Year holiday notice as follows:
The Spring Festival holiday time is: on January 22, 2017 (December 25) - (9th) on February 5th, a total of 15 days vacation, on February 6, (the 10th day) formally to work; Ask for leave early to cancel the year-end bonus. Notice is hereby given that the!

Holiday notice:
1. House staff in other cities, please according to the actual situation of my bookings early go home and return ticket.
2. Before the holidays, please shut the doors and Windows department personnel, shut off the power and tap, etc.; Completes the fire prevention security precautions, and supervise the implementation situation to each other, to ensure safety, to eliminate hidden dangers!
3. During the holidays, travel visit family and friends or colleagues, pay attention to the property and personal safety. Return to work on time, in case of non-artificial reason can't return on time, please leave to the competent authority in a timely manner!
In advance to wish you all a happy Spring Festival in 2017.