Guangzhou SX-anime Technology Co.,Ltd

Real CS War!


Location: WuLong village training development camp, Baiyun Distrc, Guangzhou.
Purpuse:To practice our positive life attitute and team work spirit! To create a excellent and outstanding team!
Participants: part of SX-animeemployees.

This afternoon, we are going to have a fierce real CS War!!

Red team VS Green team This is the first time to enter a war , do you feel nervous?

See this Pig team, they are still laughing, it might be spotted an enemy!
“Help! Help!” Are you sure we are a team?

Though this real CS compition, we are back!
Though those two days development training, it is ended perfectly! During the training, there are tears, happiness, difficulty and hardship, all of those are not significant, the most important is we comprehend how to release our passion and dare to challenge ourselves in our life and work. Just keep remembering: your thought decides your direction, your contribution guides your hope, and persistence makes success!” By doing so, can we make good success in this fierce competition!

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