Guangzhou SX-anime Technology Co.,Ltd

SX-animeEvening Party


Location: WuLong village training development camp, Baiyun Distrc, Guangzhou.
Purpuse:To practice our positive life attitute and team work spirit! To create a excellent and outstanding team!
Participants: part of SX-animeemployees.
After we finish our dinner, the coach assigned a new task to us again, the task is : each team needs to act 2 shows during the evening party! Well, full of expection and excitement, we can't wait to see how they finish this tasks!
First of all, let us dance together to create a lively atmosphere! Wow, How amazing they are!
Wearing slippers also is a kind of charming! Run fast, Devil is Coming!!!

Blowing balloons, what do you want to do???

Maybe you often watch Paris fashion show or New York fashion show, but have you even seen our SX-animefashion show, which is more charming and fantastic?
The time we stay together is happy and goes fast, and the evening party is perfectly ended during grand vocal cycle!

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