Guangzhou SX-anime Technology Co.,Ltd

“ Union is strength!”, training trip(2)


Location: WuLong village training development camp, Baiyun Distrc, Guangzhou.
Purpuse:To practice our positive life attitute and team work spirit! To create a excellent and outstanding team!
Participants: part of SX-animeemployees.

In the afternoon, there are more challengeable tasks are waiting for us! Beforehand, let’s warm up first!

After warming-up, the so-called challengeable task is treasure hunting. According to the map offered, to find out the whole specified icons. Otherwise, nothing to eat for the dinner.

After training for the whole day, we are hungry, so it is time to take a picnic now! During cooking, each performs its own functions, like dish washing, firewood, and so on. Though the contributions our staffs made, finally we can enjoy a dinner! See, how delicious the food it is!

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