Guangzhou SX-anime Technology Co.,Ltd

“ Union is strength!”, training trip(1)


Location: WuLong village training development camp, Baiyun Distrc, Guangzhou.
Purpuse:To practice our positive life attitute and team work spirit! To create a excellent and outstanding team!
Participants: part of SX-animeemployees.

We are divided into 3 teams, in order to have a good team name and slogon, everyone is scratching their heads and trying to come up with a good idea for their team.

After finishing dividing, it is time to start our first project. The rules of this project as below:everyone holds the end of a string, which team can catch the most balls will win the game.Oh my god, how difficult it will be!

In this training, we relized the importance of cooperation and assistance. We not only learned about the cask principle, but also gained the cherished friendship between each other!

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