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Basketball Game (2)


Playing basketball game, not only can enrich our sparetime life, but also is a good opportunity for employees who like to play basketball to fully show themselves. Meanwhile, that is a ideal opportunity to communicate with each other, which can make employees know the existence of the fierce competition in the world!
In addition, the aim of this competition is to let them know the importance of solidarity and collaborationduring the process, and put it into practice when working.
Even though we failed in the first round, we never give up, it inspire us to strive forward instead. As we all know, the result is not important, what’s more important is the process and what you receive.
Let us see the second round:We are a team, supporting and inspiring each other before the competition is begining!

support each other before competition.
Every player is striving forward once the whistle rings! There is a shadow upspring in the crowd, it looks like the NBA player!

Stopped to rest, and talking about the tactics in detailed.
making good use of the spare time to pratice shooting in order to have a better score!Before competition, let us take a picture as souvenirs.
Cooperating with our team to keep defending.Though this fierce competition, we won the game in the end!
Friendship first, competition second. Not only did we received the competition, but also the cherished friendship!
With the cheerleaders as our strong supportor,the lively atmosphere inspires our whole team spirit, which shows that Union is strength!

Through this fierce competition, the game is ended perfectly. Everything is deserved even we though esperienced these days hard training. However, this is not a competition only, more importantly, we learned how to unite, how to cooperate and inspire each other during the whole process.
We are a team, a family, and even we are a part of Suxian!

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