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Web-game Zone

It is the first game platform that combines with different game communities, fish hunter games and video games together in China.

This platform collects with community games, 2.5D webpage games and 3D competitive games and other multi-playing methods. Meanwhile, recently there is a most popular mobile game- 《Airplane Fighter》. There are lots of interesting and exciting games that test, welcome to join with us!


Web-game Zone

We are committed to creating the most impartial and strict web-based game zone in China.

Not only are there various of playing method, it also can change gifts by completing tasks to earn charming points.

At present, there are some classic games that players are keen on, like: The airport, entertainment area, go out for fishing, LOLSH, and competition filed etc.

And also, there are some popular casual games,like construction area, barbershop and spatio-temporal tunnel and so on.

Web-game Zone specializes in casual games development and operation,

Mobile game and web-based game platform.

Now our games can be operated on the IOS, Andriod, PC platforms and others.

(Web-game zone)makes good success depends on its own innovative modes and by grasping markets well!